Choosing a photographer can be a very difficult decision

We believe that no two photographic jobs are the same and that is why we take the time to understand the requirements of our clients, ensuring every moment is captured accordingly.  

As a family we work by bringing together a variety of skills to ensure we can offer, and deliver, a comprehensive photographic service

Here's the team


Leon  - Primary Photographer &  Graphic Designer

A father of three, and married to his partner of over 25 years, Michelle. During his 20+ years experience in senior Retail Management, Leon has managed two photographic retail businesses introducing photographic workshops and family portrait sessions to both. He has also managed a professional photographic printing lab supplying print services to the public and limited run print merchandise to company's including Bentley Motors. In addition to all of this, he has taken thousands of photographs, and is also an award winning vocalist and entertainer. Leon prides himself on being confident, experienced and able to get the best out of everyone he works with


Michelle - Admin Manager

An extensive background in customer service, bringing up three children, running the household and of course her keen organisational skills, leave her ideally placed to ensure that everything runs like clockwork, and more importantly - as planned


Jordan - Secondary / Backup Photographer

Every good photographic team needs a backup, and Jordan combines this role with his ability to follow a reportage style of photography offering a documentary style of observation to the days events


Amber-Jade - Secondary Photographer / Party Polaroid Paparazzi

Quiet, discreet and 'ninja-like' are three terms not normally used to describe her, but when the camera is locked and loaded she she will be as unobtrusive as possible for a long as it takes to ensure she gets those genuine, honest and emotion filled shots. Amber-jade also manages the Party Polaroid Paparazzi service 


Jasmine - Make Up Artiste

Being obsessed with make-up from an early age, she is no stranger when it comes to pulling out a dozen different pallets to get the perfect shade. Currently studying in Musical Theatre she often actively engages with make-up tasks, each with specific characteristics and requirements, very often for varied skin types, and usually when time is not on her side.

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